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Frames that work

Planet Talent offers young graduates a unique framework, including boot camps, training and personal coaching. This framework enables them to kick-start their career, move on up, and make an impact. That’s why we call them topstarters.

Our topstarters thrive at client’s organisations, while we stay in charge of talent management. The future is about people: a recurrent inflow of talent, empowered starters in a volatile environment.

Does this game-changing approach work? You bet! We have almost 20 years of experience in the recruitment and development of topstarters. Screening 400 candidates and hiring 40 every year.


For organisations

The organisation of tomorrow is one of empowered people standing strong in an ever-changing environment. Planet Talent is your partner along the way.

Let’s work together

For topstarters

Planet Talent believes in young talent. We offer you a unique framework that fits your personality, strengths and goals.

Become a topstarter

Short news, quick wins

Double interview: meet a topstarter in sales and his sales manager

Joachim is one of Planet Talent’s topstarters in sales. He is working as a sales executive. Stef (sales manager) is his direct supervisor. Together, they share their experiences with Planet Talent and with each other.

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Become a Planet Talent Ambassador

Do you know a talented starter, excelling in IT, sales or management? Then you can consider yourself fortunate. Because if you convince him to join the Planet Talent team, there’s also something in it for you.

Planet Talent Ambassador Trophy summer 2016

Come study at the Planet Talent Lab

Dear students, our sincere apologies to some of you. We’re really sorry, but at some point we have to talk about it: your exams are coming up again.

Luckily, there is also some good news: you get to come and study at our Planet Talent Lab in Temse.

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