“We complement each other perfectly.”

For over twenty years, Planet Talent has been preparing young graduates for their first job in ICT, sales or management. Today CEO Kristel Seymus announces the appointment of Steven De Bruyn as Managing Director.

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The war for talent is far from over. It comes as no surprise that Planet Talent has known a busy past few years. Through coaching and traineeships, the company helps talented young graduates land their first job in ICT, sales or management. And the need for their services is high. Both businesses and young potentials have considerable expectations of each other but somehow struggle to connect on the job market. Planet Talent has been bridging the gap between the academic and the corporate world since 1997. Today CEO Kristel Seymus announced that Steven De Bruyn is joining the management team as Managing Director.



Companies and young potentials have high expectations of each other.



What is the explanation for this continuous success?


Kristel Seymus: “People are increasingly aware that professional career guidance for graduates is something that benefits not only the young employees themselves but also the businesses where they start working. We believe that young potentials can drive positive change in an organization and in the world in general. Unfortunately, they do not always get the opportunity to leave a mark straight away. To accelerate their learning process, we offer them a personal training plan in combination with on-the-job experience at one of our clients. We teach them how they can become the best possible version of themselves. And our clients? They are pleased to receive highly motivated young employees that can hit the ground running.”



Why the decision to hire a Managing Director?


“Planet Talent has grown immensely. That is why the past year, I have focused on putting together an experienced leadership team that can prepare the company for further future growth. We are very ambitious, but we are even more committed to consistently offering the quality that we are known for.”

“We are ambitious. But we are even more committed to offering the quality that we are known for.”



What makes Steven the best man for the job?


Kristel Seymus: “Steven has over twenty years of experience as a business consultant, both nationally and internationally. He was the perfect match for me to further build on the success of the company. We share the same vision on the future of Planet Talent, and we are both passionate about helping other people grow. But more importantly, our skills complement each other perfectly. Together, we make the perfect team to ensure the future of this project.”



What does this mean in practice?


Kristel Seymus: “As Managing Director, Steven will be in charge of running the daily operations of the company. As CEO I will ,of course, remain closely involved, while I focus on further expanding our ecosystem and the development of new services.”



Steven, what attracted you to Planet Talent? 


Steven De Bruyn: “Empowering young people has always been a passion of mine. I experienced firsthand how important it is to get a good start in your career. Also, I felt an immediate connection with Planet Talent because of its strong company culture and core values that are very much aligned with mine. During my first days at the office, this feeling has only grown stronger. I am looking forward to helping both Planet Talent and our clients reach their full potential.”

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